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Enroll in the Fit Body Vegan Academy and discover the strategies that have helped my clients lose weight for life, recapture their youthful vitality and regain their health.

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we will Be going over:
  • What your current diet and exercise routine is
  • ​What your goals are with your health and fitness
  • ​​How we can alter your current diet and exercise routine to help you achieve your health and fitness goals while still eating satisfying food
  • ​​And finally, whether or not you are a good fit to join the Fit Body Vegan Academy


My Coaching Clients Get Results
 Why Wouldn't you Want to Get Results Like These...
- Deana

Lost over 26 lbs, got stronger, gained energy and feels better overall

- Nick

Lost over 30 lbs. got stronger, more flexible and improved his balance

- Ashley 

Lost over 40 lbs, tightened, toned & got super strong

- Jodi

Lost 42 lbs, lost her belly fat and got strong

- Michelle

Lost 26 lbs, got healthy and discovered a love for exercising.

- Jessie

Lost 23 lbs and got her body ready for motherhood.

 Meet your coach
 My name is Mitch Kahn

I am a Vegan Fat Loss and Health Coach (one of the fun ones, don’t worry haha) and I’ve helped over 250 people sustainably use a Vegan diet to clean up their health and lose fat.

I created my program The Fit Body Vegan Academy after peacefully sitting on a chair one day when suddenly the sound of ripping canvas filled my ears.

I looked around expecting to see Edward Scissor Hands slicing through my jacket with his hands, but instead I fell through my chair and thumped onto the ground surrounded by the tatters of my former chair.

Among the wreckage I found a sticker that said “250lb weight limit”.

Clearly I weighed more than that…

Did I mention this happened at my son’s soccer game and was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life?

I tried to laugh it off, but I could read the judgement on the faces of the other parents...

“Man, what a fat slob!”

“Poor guy…..

“How does his slender wife put up with an obese husband?”

“And if you thought that was the worst of it… think again.

It wasn’t until a ‘heart attack moment’ rocked me to my core.”

Unfortunately I didn't learn the first time.

I kept following the latest weight loss advice that I read about in the health and fitness magazines.

I figured the solution was to exercise more, eat less and “have” more willpower…. but none of those things worked.

It wasn’t until I tried a very different approach to eating that I finally started to see my health improve

Over the next several years I transitioned off the standard American diet of sugar, hamburgers, and processed dairy and got in the best shape of my life at 55 years old!

This is thanks mostly to my custom built 100% plant based diet.

I didn’t cut out my favorite carb dishes…

I didn’t start taking the latest pills, powders, or potions…

I didn’t start running a 5k every morning…

I didn’t go to the gym for 2 hours a session…

I didn’t even start counting my calories like all the “experts” say you have to...

Instead, I simply made a few lifestyle changes that slowly transformed my life.

These lifestyle changes helped me lose over 75lbs of unwanted fat, lower my blood pressure and cholesterol to unheard of levels for someone my age, minimize my risk of heart attack and avoid any medical intervention for my prostate cancer!

Now I help people all over the world transform their health and become Fit Body Vegans just like I did.

What Are Clients Saying?
Here's Our clients Testimonials...
"In 8 weeks I have lost 10.5 pounds and several inches"

“It’s been a crazy past few months. Working out or caring about what went in my mouth was little to zero focus in my life...until I learned about a program that Mitch Kahn offers. I cannot say enough about the program that Mitch offers. In 8 weeks I have lost 10.5 pounds and several inches.

The best part about this program is there are NO gimmicks, no magic pill, no restrictions, just mindful eating and portion control. Mitch walks you through how to eat healthy and how to realistically keep the weight off. His daily coaching videos are a huge help and keep you on track. He’s always encouraging and willing to help. I plan to continue on in his program, if you have any questions, contact Mitch!”

- Missy K.
"I’ve lost 29.2 pounds over the last 5 months"

“Mitch has been awesome and I’m so glad to be able to work with him remotely. He is a great trainer, pushing you to do more than you thought you could. He wants the best for his clients, physically and their overall health.

By consciously increasing my whole food intake and working with Mitch online, I’ve lost 29.2 pounds over the last 5 months. I love that I’m on a journey to good health. Thank you Mitch for being awesome, supportive, realistic and offering sound guidance that will allow me to live to be 100.”

- Christie S.
"What began as a 30-day experiment has turned into the biggest lifestyle change I have ever made, with incredible results"

“Mitch has been a tremendous resource for helping me learn about and transition to a whole-food plant-based diet. What began as a 30-day experiment has turned into the biggest lifestyle change I have ever made, with incredible results.

Weight loss, lower body fat percentage and lower cholesterol are just a few of the many positive improvements I am enjoying. And, the variety of exercises he incorporates when designing my workouts is helping me achieve the body I never knew I could have.” 

- April A.
"I have achieved a healthier weight and better diet!"

"Mitch is a great coach and health advisor. I have achieved a healthier weight and better diet! I am stronger now, which is very exciting. I am 60 years old. I want to remain active and I have a lot more things to do in this life. Mitch is helping me get there .. gently. Small adjustments over time make a big difference.!!“ 

- Susan M.
"He takes an approach that looks at you as a whole person, not JUST the calories you are eating"

“Working with Mitch was such a great experience for me. Through his different platforms he was always available to answer any questions I had, in a nonjudgmental way. 

The recipes were delicious and satisfying, and coming from someone who doesn’t really like to cook, simple and enjoyable! He was there to guide me in my journey, but also teach me in order to be able continue on my own. He takes an approach that looks at you as a whole person, not JUST the calories you are eating. I could tell he really wanted me to succeed and feel good about myself! :)” 

- Hayley B.

What Do You Get In The 
Fit Body VegaN ACADEMY?

There are 4 parts that make up The
Fit Body Vegan ACADEMY...




THE METABOLIC 3/30 - 90 Minute A Week Quick & Easy Gym Or At-Home Workout System

Exercise is a HUGE part of health no matter how you slice it.

The Fit Body Vegan Academy is no exception.

Immediately upon joining, you will get access to The Fit Body Vegan App downloadable directly to your phone.

Depending on the program option you choose, the app will take you through up to 3 workout phases:

Phase 1: Priming Workouts

To turn on your “weight loss switch”.

Phase 2: Reboot Workouts

Retraining your body’s default state to always be burning fat.

Phase 3: Accelerator Workouts

Boosting your body processes to help you move, eat, exercise, and live with total
freedom without worrying about getting injured or gaining weight.

Each of these phases is built to compliment The Plant Powered Nutrition Protocol we’ll talk more about in just a moment.




Plant Powered Nutrition Protocol

Despite what big weight loss companies like to tell you, there is no way to build a “one-size-fits-all” meal plan.

This is why huge diet chain companies can’t get you lasting results unless you are a very specific kind of person grown in a lab that they built their meal plans for!

My goal is to help you achieve long lasting health, everlasting energy, and an ever present glow of health that floats around you wherever you go.

To do this I'm going to help you custom build your Vegan Meal Guide.

While every recipe is plant-based, I can include “transitionary foods” to help you transition off the standard American Diet and move towards becoming plant-based.

I don’t force all my clients to become Vegan immediately because changing your diet, like anything, is healthiest when you make a gradual change. 

I want you to be comfortable. So, if you're not completely ready for a 100% transition, we can make the transition fit your timeframe.

My switch to a 100% plant-based diet took several years of me slowly swapping out foods I was used to eating for healthier plant based alternatives.

All I ask is that you make an honest attempt to eat plant-based as much as possible through the program for the best results.




The Fit Body Vegan Support Group

In my experience, the quality of life you have is the average of the quality of people you surround yourself with.

Sour, bitter people will detract from happiness and prevent you from getting results…
...while joyful and supportive people will improve your overall happiness and make it much easier for you to make changes in your life.

To help you surround yourself with a community of people that will help you improve your health, I’ve created The Fit Body Vegan Community.

This is a private group where you will get to interact with other middle-aged Fit Body Vegans on the same journey as you.

But that’s not all...

You will be able to schedule a 10-minute "Get Unstuck" call with me once a month where I will help you bust through any barriers you have encountered.

Plus, you'll always have 24/7 access to me through messages (just like texting) to ask any questions you need answered in between our 1-1 coaching calls.


Including Resources, Hacks, Tricks, And Guides That I’ve Picked Up Over The Years...
No effective fitness framework is complete without BONUSES!
And I have a lot of them...



You will get to schedule 1-1 coaching calls with me to check in with how you’ve done through the week.

Were your meals filling and tasty?

Did your exercises feel pain free and fun?

Where is your mind at right now?

These are questions we will answer during your 1-1 coaching calls to make sure you keep making daily progress.

This also allows me to help you tweak different aspects of your Fitness Framework as your body transforms.

Your requirements on Day 1 are going to be different than your requirements on day 60.

($250/HR VALUE)



Sleep can make or break even the most well designed fitness regimes in the world.

Without great sleep, you won’t have a great body and healthy mind.

Inside this sleep optimizer guide you will get a full nighttime routine I personally use and teach my clients to sleep like a baby and wake up feeling rested.

($250 VALUE)



Stress is caused by a hormone called Cortisol. This is important to know because Cortisol is a hormone that holds onto fat.

If you are stressed, you will have a harder time losing weight.

This Beat The Stress guide will help you circumnavigate the Cortisol hormone with 24 different proven ways to reduce your stress levels.

Less stress = more health.

($197 VALUE)



Over the years of being a Vegan Fitness and Health Coach, I’ve noticed my top clients all have a similar list of activities they do every day to get great results.

Think of this guide as a list of the best daily body transformation habits you can “steal” to get better results in The Fit Body Vegan Academy.

($197 VALUE)



A list of the top quality, research-proven vitamins, minerals and supplements to help you reach your goals faster and in a healthier manner.

I have tested each and every one of these supplements and gotten positive results with each of them. And I’m confident these supplements will give you a little extra “boost” when you need it :)

($197 VALUE)



One of the hardest things about shifting to 100% plant based is avoiding the pesticides that are so common to fill our plants with these days.

Without knowing which foods to buy, you could go 100% plant based and accidentally end up filling your body with chemicals used to kill bugs!

That’s not very good for you…

This guide will show you an exact list of how to buy organic so you get the positive bonuses of eating 100% plant based WITHOUT the killer chemicals that fill so much of our food.

($97 VALUE)

Do you have what it takes to reach your goals &

finally achieve the transformation you’ve been trying to obtain on your own?


  • People who are Vegans or people who are ready to try a plant-based diet.
  • ​People who are ready to look and feel their best over the age of 30.
  • ​People who want a holistic approach to lifelong health
  • ​People who love carbs and don’t want to give them up in order to get lean.
  • ​People who want to eat delicious food and still lose fat.
  • ​People who don’t want to eat mountains of fake steroid and hormone filled meat to hit their protein needs for the day.
  • ​People who have tried getting fit on a plant-based diet before without lasting results.
  • ​People who hate not being in the best shape of their life.
  • ​People who know they deserve a better life, but must first invest in the knowledge, guidance and accountability to help them get there.
  • ​People who want to follow a more plant-based lifestyle (no you don’t have to be Vegan to participate).


  • ​People under 30
  • ​People who are not willing to try a plant-based diet
  • ​People who want to cut out all their carbs.
  • ​People who want to eat bland, cardboard tasting food (we can’t be friends).
  • ​People who know it all already and think they can do it all on their own.
  • ​People who aren’t ready to radically transform their lives and join a community of powerful Fit Body Vegans
  • People who would rather make excuses than step out of their comfort zone.
  • ​People who don’t have time to invest in themselves and their health.
Frequently Asked Questions

All Your Questions Answered...

  • Do I have to give up meat forever?

    No. You just have to be willing to focus on plant based foods during this program.
  • Do I have to be Vegan to start the program?

    No. But you must be willing to attempt a plant based diet.
  • How soon will I start losing weight?

    That’s up to you. If you’re willing to listen, be coached, put in the work, time, and effort then you will see almost immediate results.
    Let me just share something with you…
    My clients lose an average of 20 pounds in 90 days.

    So if you’re willing to put in the work, you will start losing weight FAST!
  • Do you have any type of guarantee?

    We do not offer a money-back guarantee, but we DO offer a “Better Than Money-Back Guarantee” and it eliminates all risk of losing your hard earned money. Ask me or my coaches about it on the call and we will walk you through it.
  • What does your program teach exactly?

    We teach life long sustainability.
  • I’ve tried other programs in the past. How is this one any different?

    1.) You've never had a coach holding you accountable like I will help you stay accountable.

    2.) You’ve tried other programs that promised a “quick-fix”. Nothing will work long term if you focus on just losing weight fast. My program is about long term results that you can get and keep for life.

    3.) You’ve only hired personal trainers. Personal trainers are great at teaching you how to do exercises properly, but what about nutrition and mindset? These are things you MUST have in your training program or it will never last.

    4.) You’re learning from me, someone who’s specialized in vegan training for years and years. I know all the ups and downs you will run into and can coach you through everything.
  • Is it really possible to lose weight if I’m over 30 and have 3 teenagers?

    Of course.

    Your body is like anybody else’s body. When we find the right formula it can do wonders and start losing weight FAST.

    Plus, almost everyone I’ve coached is over 30 years old and have gotten great results.
  • Can I pay you after I lose the weight?


    Here’s the simple truth. If you’re not confident enough to invest in yourself, I’m not confident enough to invest my time, money, and energy on you.
    Success requires dedication. Not a “bail out” plan.
    If you are not committed, then we cannot work together.
  • How is working with you different from working with other coaches?

    Because I’m not a person who’s had a chiseled physique my whole life.
    I’m not a bodybuilder…
    I don’t take steroids…
    I don’t drink protein like a drug I’m addicted to…
    I’m just a normal guy who wanted to get in better shape.
    Now I know what it takes to lose over 75lbs of fat and turn your whole life around because I did it.
  • I’m scared to invest.

    I hear you. I was too when I first started out. I had already invested tons of money into other “coaches” as well. But finding the proper qualified coach that I agreed with and trusted was the best investment I could have made in myself.

    So if you are a little scared, that is completely normal. It just means you are taking this investment opportunity seriously. But let me reassure you that fear is the path to your dream body!

    And besides, if you need a little extra assurance, remember my “Better Than Money-Back Guarantee” I mentioned earlier. You literally have nothing to lose.
  • I’m just coming back after an injury. Can you still help me?

    Of course! The workout program is customized to you and how your body moves. We will discuss any physical limitations you have and adjust the exercises to make them fit your needs.
  • How do I keep losing weight after a plateau?

    Once you hit a plateau I will help you revamp and reset your nutrition plan and training so that you will continue losing weight after you hit a plateau.
  • Do you help keep me on track?

    Of course!

    Depending which program you choose, I will be checking in with you daily or weekly.
  • Do I need a gym or can I train from home?

    You can do this at a gym or from the comfort of your own home.
    I design programs based on what equipment you have access to.

    You don't actually need a gym membership to see amazing results.
    The only thing you need is to commit and be consistent.
  • Do I need to be ready to train 2 hours a day and 6 days a week?

    Nope. My program only requires you to train for 30 minutes 3x a week.

    All my clients do this. From the transformation photos, you can see the kind of results they are getting.
  • Do I have to love to sweat and lift really heavy weight?

    You don't have to love to sweat or lift really heavy weights.
    But you do have to do some form of resistance or strength training so that you build lean muscle.

    You have to challenge your body with weights (that includes body weight as well), but you don't have to lift really heavy.
    You have to train the way you want to look.
  • I have never hired a fitness coach and it’s intimidating. Shouldn’t I make some progress on my own first?

    How has trying to make some progress on your own worked for you so far? How far has that gotten you?

    You can do it on your own, but wouldn't you want to learn everything you need to know in as short a time as possible versus spending years on your own trying to figure it out?

    How much is that worth to you to learn how to get there faster and get it right the first time?
  • What if I have food allergies? Will your force me to eat what’s in your meal guide?

    The nutrition guide is totally customizable.
    You eat what you want and like.
    You just follow my guidelines.
  • Can I find the foods I’ll need to eat if I live outside of North America?

    Of course, we promote a flexible dieting approach meaning that everything can be substituted in the meal plan.
    I’ve had clients from all over the world. And they all have found it very easy to make the meal plan fit their food options.
  • How do I know if I’m ready to join your program? I feel like I am way to busy with my work and kids. I hardly have time to take a shower.

    The majority of the members of the Fit Body Vegan Academy are over-achievers who want to get more done with perfection.

    They include single moms and dads, lawyers, doctors, PHD's, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, active retirees, etc...

    They all see the value in staying healthy and taking care of themselves. All you need is about 30 mins a day, 3x a week to do your workouts and activities.

    I always say; "Make your health a priority, don't wait for your health to make itself a priority". Believe me, once you get to that point, it's a lot harder to come back.
  • How did you get into shape?

    Exactly the same way I will be showing you and exactly how my clients have.

    Ultimately you have to commit. If you don't commit, you're not going to get anywhere.

    You need to be consistent. Without consistency you won't get anywhere.

    That is how I got into shape. Commit to the journey and process because it is for life. Be consistent day in, day out.

    Be consistent with your nutrition plan, be consistent with your workout plan, be consistent with getting help when you need it.
  • I can’t afford this program but I really want to join. Anything you can do for me?

    Yes of course. We have different programs available that fits all budgets. So there is something for everyone.
  • Is there a discount if you pay in full?

    Yes. And I strongly recommend it. I'll tell you about an unreal bonus I offer to anyone who pays in full that I know you're going to want to take advantage of.

    Personally I've always paid in full for every coaching program I've ever joined because you operate with higher levels of action and your mindset changes because you've made a commitment for the long run.
  • How much money should I set aside for groceries and supplements?

    Nothing more than you already are spending.

    In fact, I'm probably going to save you money because you won't be buying food that you won't need.
  • Can I still drink wine on the weekends?

    You betcha!



"Mitch Kahn- I am so thankful that you are taking the time to do this!"

“I have done SO MANY short term diets that were difficult and only worked in the short term. The weight came back plus some. Since I have been doing the habit based training, I’m not dieting. I am changing my habits and so, changing ME. I’m so excited about the results that I’m seeing and I know that these are permanent changes. Mitch Kahn- I am so thankful that you are taking the time to do this! You mentioned that gaining weight is so easy because we simply develop one bad habit after another without thinking about it. This is the same way we are taking weight off. One good habit after another. This approach has taken the stress, the frustration and the failure out of weight loss. This is the easiest and most effective program that I have ever done! … ​Training with Mitch and doing the fat loss/habit based training has been so rewarding and empowering! It’s like having a trainer and a weight loss therapist all in one. FINALLY, the physical training is meeting the mental and diet aspect. The results that I am seeing go so much further than physical. I feel strong physically and mentally. I feel empowered and successful!!! I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!”

- Ashley G.
"I have lost 33 pounds, At the age of 58."

“With Mitch’s guidance, being consistent with my workouts and changing my eating habits, I have lost 33 pounds. At the age of 58, I no longer have pains in my knees, my energy level is up, and my cholesterol medication has been cut in half- soon to be discontinued totally! My next goal is to lose an additional 50 pounds by my 60th Birthday! Losing that kind of weight is something I never believed I could do until recently. Mitch has made me realize I’m stronger than I knew I was. I’m so glad I agreed to partner with such a great trainer. Everything he has taught me has gone against what I thought I should be doing in the gym. Now it’s a family affair – my son Mark and my cousin have both just signed up to work with Mitch and are starting to achieve the same great results as me!”

- Debbie K.
"I have lost 26 pounds and 12+ inches and gotten stronger, while also knowing that I have the tools to continue to be successful."

“I am one that has struggled with weight for as long as I can remember. With autoimmune disorders running rampant in my family, I knew I had to gain control of my weight. One of the first things I learned from Mitch that it was not one meal, or one food that got me to this point, but one bad habit after another accumulating over time. I quickly learned that this was not just another diet plan, but a lifestyle change, trading the bad habits for good ones, one at a time. I appreciate that he doesn’t prescribe one particular “diet” plan, but clean healthy eating along with portion control and what works for you. He is highly knowledgeable of the many diet plans that are out there and can poke holes in where they may fail. There is no magic bullet, but you working together with him on what works for you. I have failed many times trying to do this on my own, but would let the business of life and frustration with failures get in my way and put my nutrition and fitness goals on the back burner. Mitch is highly encouraging and keeps you accountable to stay the course. He helps you develop a realistic fitness plan that you can maintain. I am so encouraged with the results I have experienced so far and feel stronger both mentally and physically. I have lost 26 pounds and 12+ inches and gotten stronger, while also knowing that I have the tools to continue to be successful.”

- Michelle w.
"I have lost 42 pounds since starting to work with Mitch 6 months ago"

“As a busy mom, I realized if I’m going to do this, I wanted to do it the right way. Mitch has always been there to offer guidance and positive encouragement to keep me on track, no matter where my journey to getting fit and healthy took me. I have lost 42 pounds since starting to work with Mitch 6 months ago.”

- Jodi f.
"In the last 4 months I’ve lost 10% of my body weight (19lbs), 2″ off my waist and 2″ off my hips"

“In the last 4 months I’ve lost 10% of my body weight (19lbs), 2″ off my waist and 2″ off my hips. We’ve slowly changed our eating habits and moved to clean eating. We didn’t do it overnight because we learned from Mitch that slow and steady means sustainable. ​We started out by working on a habit (food/drink choice) once a day for a week, then twice a day, then all day. We do have cheat meals every now and then to spice things up a little. But since we’ve been doing this for a little while now, the cheat meals happen less and less. We just don’t like the way those foods make us feel now. We’re very grateful for the habits that Mitch Kahn motivated us to adopt.”

- Christine b.
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